2 February 2016

C.M.T. Prooptiki attends ESTEEM Kick Off Meeting in Athens, 30/11-01/12, 2016

2 February 2016,

C.M.T. Prooptiki, as a copartner of the ESTEEM project took part in the Kick Off Meeting, which took place in Athens, on November 30th and […]

23 October 2015

Final meeting and international conference of the EWC Project

23 October 2015,

The fifth and Final Progress meeting of the EWC project was a closed to the public event that took place in Brighton, United Kingdom, […]

10 September 2015

Balance Sheet 2014

10 September 2015,


29 June 2015

Public Services of Migration & Integration for third country nationals

29 June 2015,

CMT Prooptiki designed and implement the Project “Inventory, mapping and evaluation of existing public service migration and integration of third country nationals with an […]

25 June 2015

TOB –G Project: Tobacco Cessation Guidelines for High Risk Groups

25 June 2015,

CMT Prooptiki participates in the TOB-G project which aims to develop and implement an innovative and cost effective approach to prevent chronic diseases related […]