Who we are

CMT Prooptiki is an independent management consulting firm, specializing in health & social care consulting, EU project consulting, social & economic development, established in Athens in 1992.
A core team of specialist consultants combining experience of the health & social care sector with commercial and business expertise, enables us to apply a rich blend of knowledge and insight to provide real added value for our clients.
Supported by a diverse team of IT experts and communication professionals, policy analysts, economists and health professionals, as well as an extensive network of external associates from the public, private and non-profit sectors.

What we do: a tripartite approach of service

We offer a responsive range of services to address the evolving challenges that will transform the health & social care sector; to build EU partnerships that will increase international competitiveness and networking; and to improve capacities and capabilities that will add value to our clients and will benefit local societies. We combine 20 years of experience with a tripartite approach to consultancy, helping clients to achieve excellence in the services they provide and the processes they work to.

Our mission is to provide accurate analysis and innovative solutions to improve health and wellbeing; and to support clients to unlock their potential and to utilize EU resources to create the greatest possible impact