15 March 2017
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15 March 2017,

In the frame of the Program Erasmus+, CMT Prooptiki participates in the project “Enhancing Social Sciences Graduates Transversal Entrepreneurial and Employment Skills – ESTEEM”. Its main objective is to improve and enrich social sciences graduates’ transversal and entrepreneurial skills in order to increase their competitiveness in the labour market and enhance their future employability.

The project’s consortium consists of 6 partners from 4 countries incorporating a wide range of experience and expertise related to the scope of ESTEEM. The Lead Partner is KANEP-GSEE representing the Greek General Confederation of Labour in the area of Education and Lifelong learning, promoting the agenda of trade unions which includes employment policies, policies for combating social exclusion, and reinforcement of trade union presence in society.

The project aims to address the priorities of European 2020 strategy on transversal skills development in a lifelong learning perspective as well as the promotion of novel forms of work-based learning by providing insights, experiences and policy recommendations. More specifically, the project’s objective is to develop and implement a holistic, work-based and flexible training program which will combine e-learning and worked-based teaching methods as well and which will include transversal skills that meets the skill needs and requirements of young SME employees and entrepreneurs. Its innovative aspect lies not only on the fact that this model will combine e-learning and digital teaching methods but also on the fact that a “remote internship/mentorship” program will be introduced. The workplace is shifting from traditional structures into innovative ones where physical presence on the job location is not necessary and companies are adopting virtual employment methods. In this context, the project will form new partnerships and develop new teaching and assessment methods for virtual employment and work-based learning.

The project is expected to have a significant impact on the target group of social science graduates as it will facilitate their transition from education to labour market and enhance their career prospects and business progression.

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