28 April 2016
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28 April 2016,

CMT Prooptiki along with numerous other European Organizations and Institutions have partnered in order to bring to life an ambitious project, the so called “CARE – Common Approach for REfugees and other migrants’ health”, which has received funding from the European Union’s Health Programme (2014-2020). CARE aims to promote a better understanding of refugees and migrants’ health condition as well as to support the adaptation of the appropriate clinical attitude towards refugees and migrants’ health needs and in particular towards the health needs of fragile subgroups, such as minors, pregnant women and victims of violence.

The project, which can count upon the endorsement of European governments experiencing strong migration flows, deploys its potential throughout 8 Work Packages (WPs), all tailored to address different aspects of migrant’s health, with a view to hosting societies. Among them, three WPs are horizontal, namely coordination, results dissemination and evaluation. Other WPs do sustain the health of migrants within the hotspots and migrants’ centres, produce evidence based instruments to manage health threats and syndromic surveillance, offer a way for tracking migrant’s health on the move, produces training and information material for health staff and general public as well as intervene into the public/private relationships to promote a new governance model for migration public policies.

CMT Prooptiki will be mainly involved in the two horizontal Work Packages, i.e. the results dissemination and the evaluation of the project. With 20 years of wide experience and numerous successful EU projects, CMT Prooptiki holds all the necessary prerequisites to contribute to the CARE project that aims to address the challenges that Europe and particularly Greece are facing due to the increasing refugee flows since 2011.

CARE Kick Off Meeting took place in Athens, on the 21st and the 22nd of April at the National School of Public Health (ESDY). The partners had the chance to meet with each other and discuss in detail the implementation of the project in general but of each Work Package as well. CMT Prooptiki successfully organized the two-day meeting and triggered the project’s launch.

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