23 October 2015
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23 October 2015,

The fifth and Final Progress meeting of the EWC project was a closed to the public event that took place in Brighton, United Kingdom, on 10th of September 2015 and it was hosted by the Brighton Students’ Union. During the final meeting, partners presented and assessed the progress of the project, evaluated the project’s results and achievements and discussed the finalization of the project.

Moreover, the final conference of the EWC project took place in Brighton (UK) on 11th of September 2015. The event was organized by Brighton Students’ Union and was hosted at the Cockcroft building of Brighton University.

The conference gathered more than 40 participants, including project partners, university students, EWC course trainees, SMEs, trainers and other stakeholders. It was a unique opportunity to learn about the final revised version of the EWC online learning tool and other results and achievements of the EWC project, as the guidelines for SMEs and VET providers willing to integrate the tool into their training practices.

Trainees from Greece, Bulgaria, Slovakia, Latvia and UK shared their impressions of their participation on the pilot session. This session of the conference combined with networking opportunities enhanced interaction and team spirit that created the base for further socializing, exchanging ideas and networking among the participants.

The moment for networking enabled the participants to talk about future. They discussed about new ways to use EWC learning tool, as well as about perspectives of what the market needs regarding training courses. These fruitful discussions that combined techniques of team work, competition between the several groups for the best proposals to be chosen highlighted the value of effective writing and communication of key messages and thoughts and allowed for interaction and negotiation of possibilities for further collaboration, through a variety of networking activities.

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