15 July 2013
Category: News
15 July 2013,

CMT Prooptiki finalized a national wide Oral Health Promotion and Oral Health Education project for the Hellenic Dental Association. The Project was designed in order to cater not only for the knowledge needed for health promotion and education, but also for the basic dental care needs of more than 37.000 children of the second grade around Greece. As a result a health promotion course was integrated in the Second grade schedule for the years 2011-2012/2012-2013. The Project provided specially designed and developed educational material for students and teachers. All the material created (Teacher’s Manual, CD-Rom, Posters, leaflets, etc), is downloadable for free from the Project’s website.
Volunteer dentists visited the participating schools, had an informal discussion with the students, and answered any questions they had, guided them in the proper brushing of their teeth and finally examined them and performed a sodium fluoride varnish treatment. Furthermore, the dentists informed all the parents of the children examined on their findings and whether the children needed further dental care.

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